Julianna Rose Mauriello

Julianna Mauriello

Born on May 26th, 1991 in Irvington, New York and now 20 years old Julianna assumed the role of Stephanie when she was just 9 years old. Her fascination with acting and performing began at a very tender age and despite her being most well known for her role in Lazy Town she has also been involved in broadway productions such as Oklahoma, Gypsy, and A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. In fact in 2006 she also appeared as her self in a kids movie called ‘Hip Hop Kids: Hip Hop Homeroom Math‘ and then went onto playing the lead role in short film called ‘A Fix‘.

Back To Lazy Town

Going back to Lazy Town it’s interesting to note that Julianna wasn’t the first pick for the show. The original girl who was selected to star in the show left the project mid production. As a result Julianna’s agent put her up for the role of ‘Stephanie’ which she secured after Icelander Magnus Scheving (aka Sportacus) selected her for unique mix of looks, talent and energy. Due to the show being based in Iceland Julianna relocated to Iceland to shoot episodes for three seasons and learnt Icelandic along the way. She also appeared as a presenter on Iceland’s Edda Awards.


In 2006 Julianna was also selected as a nominee for a Daytime Emmy Award under the category ‘Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series‘. In the same year Lazy Town also got nominated for a childrens BAFTA award.

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  1. MyaDeeStar on

    Thank you Lazy Town! Lazy Town is my daughters favorite show. She wants to be Stephanie for halloween. Stephanie has been a wonderful role model for my four year old. I even enjoy watching the show!

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